"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

দুনিয়াটা যেন জন্মদিনের কেক, এক টুকরা নিয়ে নিন, আবার বেশি নিবেন না যেন - জর্জ হ্যারিসন, ব্রিটিশ গায়ক
Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you. - Loretta Young
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Appropriate Preposition:

  • Equal in ( সমতুল্য (পদমর্যদা) ) Mr.Karim is equal in rank with Mr.Rahim.
  • Weak of ( দূর্বল ) He is weak of understanding.
  • Favourable for ( অনুকূল (কোনকিছু) ) This situation is favorable to me for doing this.
  • Attend upon ( সেবা করা ) She attends upon her mother.
  • Marry to ( বিবাহ দেওয়া ) He married his daughter to a rich man.
  • Guilty of ( দোষী ) He is guilty of murder.


  • In fine ( পরিশেষ ) In fine he declared his plan.
  • Red letter day ( স্মরণীয় দিন ) The 21 February is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh.
  • host in himself ( একাই একশ )
  • In black and white ( লিখিতভাবে ) Put down the statement in black and white.
  • At stake ( বিপন্ন ) His life is at stake now.
  • Stone's throw ( অতি নিকটে ) Our school is at a stone's throw form our house.