"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Cost & Price

 Cost (খরচ ,ব্যয়, উৎপাদন খরচ বা ক্রয়মূল্য, দাম) :

Cost প্রধানত কোন জিনিস উৎপাদনের খরচ বা কোন সেবার বিনিময় হিসেবে ব্যবহৃত হয়। Cost verb হিসেবে ও ব্যবহৃত হয়ে থাকে।

Cost is the price paid to produce, acquire, accomplish, or maintain anything.


  • How much does this pen cost? (Verb  হিসেবে ব্যবহার হয়েছে )
  • They could not cope with the increasing cost of living. (price নয় )

More use of Cost:

  • Workers work in the gold mine at the cost of their health.
  • The Mobile Phone cost me $100. (as verb)
  • The accident cost her a broken leg. (as verb)
  • Our independence was won at the cost of thirty million lives.


 Price (মূল্য ,অর্থ, দাম) :

Price হচ্ছে সেই মূল্য বা টাকার পরিমান যা কোন বস্তু ক্রয় করার জন্য ক্রেতাকে পরিশোধ করতে হয়।

Price is the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale.


  • What is the price of this shirt? (Cost নয়)
  • The CID put a price on his head. (কাউকে ধরিয়ে দেওয়ার মূল্য)

More use of price:

  • They claimed that every politician has a price.
  • He gained the victory, but at a heavy price.
  • We spent the day pricing cloths at various stores (as verb).
  • Their orders were to capture the man at any price. (as Idiom).
  • The crown jewels are beyond price. (as Idiom)
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