"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Shoot vs Shot

Shoot (গুলি করা):

Shoot হচ্ছে verb.

 Shoot is defined as to fire a weapon or to move quickly.


  • Shoot me that stapler.
  • The headland shoots far out into the sea.
  • I know you have something to tell me, so shoot!
  • He shoots better than he rides.
  • A plant shoots out a bud.



Shot (গুলি করার যে ক্রিয়া):

Shot হচ্ছে noun. Shot, verb ও হয় যখন Shoot এর past/past participle form হিসেবে বসে।  

The definition of a shot is an attempt at scoring or accomplishing something. It is a noun.


  • Some took a shot at the car.
  • His shot at the bear missed by inches.
  • Took a shot at losing weight.
  • The horse was a four-to-one shot.

A good shot with the rifle and the bow.

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