"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

So vs Such

So (এইভাবে):

So হচ্ছে একটি adverb, যা adjective এবং adverb –কে qualify করে।

So means the way or amount shown.


  • Don’t be so angry. (Such নয়)
  • I am so glad to see you. (Such নয়)
  • She was so happy that she cried.
  • But the idea is so obvious.
  • Everything on his desk must be exactly so.


Such (এমন):

Such হচ্ছে একটি adjective যা noun এবং pronoun–কে qualify করে।

The definition of such is the same or as already mentioned.


  • That was such a good film. (So নয়)
  • Why are you in such a hurry? (So নয়)
  • She has been in such poor health lately.
  • Their anxiety was such that they could not sleep.

Money as such will seldom bring total happiness.

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