"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Data & Datum

 Data (তথ্যাবলী/ উপাত্ত):

Data মানে হলো facts (তথ্যাবলী) এবং এটি plural. Data শব্দটি দ্বারা যখন information বোঝানো হয় তখন এটির পরে singular verb বসে।

Data means individual facts, statistics, or items of information and it is used with a plural verb. If data means information, then it is used with a singular verb.


  • These data represent the results of our analyses. (যখন facts বোঝায়)
  • The data (facts) are incorrect. (যখন facts বোঝায়)
  • Data are entered by terminal for processing by the PC. (যখন facts বোঝায়)
  • The data (information) is certainly interesting. (যখন information বোঝায়)
  • Additional data is available from the CEO of the firm. (যখন information বোঝায়)


 Datum (তথ্য/ উপাত্ত):

Datum হলো data এর singular form. Datum এর মানে Fact বা তথ্য.

Datum is the singular form of data. It means a single piece of information, as a fact, or code.


  • The datum (fact) is subject to challenge. (যখন fact বোঝায়)
  • What is the point of this datum?
  • This is a permanent and unchangeable datum.


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