"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Equable Vs Equitable


Equable শব্দটি একটি adjective.

Meaning as an adjective:

1. সহজে রেগে যায় না বা বিরক্ত হয় না এমন। শান্ত এবং খোশমেজাজী।

Not easily angered or disturbed. Calm and pleasant.


  • Jim is always in an equable mood. (জিম সবসময় একটা শান্ত মেজাজে থাকে।)
  • Jack is so equable that he is not disturbed easily.
  • The new manager is so equable that he can handle any situation patiently.

2. অপরিবর্তনীয় বা তেমনভাবে অস্থির বা পরিবর্তন হয় না এমন, সুষম।

Unchangeable or not fluctuating or varying greatly, balanced.


  • Everyone is enjoying the pleasant and equable weather. (সবাই মনোরম এবং অপরিবর্তনীয় আবহাওয়াটা উপভোগ করছে।)
  • No need to worry because the situation is now equable.
  • This part of the country always has an equable temperature.



Equitable শব্দটিও একটি adjective.

Meaning as an adjective:


Justified or fair.


  • Alex always behaves with everyone in an equitable manner. (এ্যালেক্স সবসময় প্রত্যেকের সাথে ন্যায়সঙ্গতভাবে আচরণ করে।)
  • The employees of the organization have complained that the pay system is not equitable.
  • You should behave with everyone in an equitable manner.
  • The distribution of the property was equitable as per law.
  • Do you think what you are saying is equitable?
  • Aric’s behavior is not equitable.
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