"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Parts of Speech: Adjective

An adjective is a part of speech (word) that modifies a noun or a pronoun by qualifying, specifying or describing it.

Generally an adjective modifies a noun by answering one of these following questions:
Which? What kind? How many?

- Foxes are cunning animal. (Answer the question “What king of animal?)
- Five or six gunmen attack the area. (Answer the question “How many gunmen?)
- The one eyed man tells him the story. (Answer the question “Which man?)

Adjective Classification:

Following are the different types of adjectives

  • Qualitative Adjective or Descriptive Adjective or Adjective of quality
  • Quantitative Adjective or Adjective of quantity
  • Numeric Adjective or Adjective of Number
  • Demonstrative Adjective
  • Distributive Adjective
  • Possessive Adjective
  • Interrogative Adjective

i. Qualitative Adjective or Adjective of quality:

Express the qualities of something or someone.
Such as great, good, bad, wise, poor, nice, happy, pretty, angry, blue etc.

- He gives me a great idea.
- Mr. Rahim is a good person.
- He is a bad guy.

Adjective of quality answer the question: what kind?

ii. Quantitative Adjective or Adjective of quantity:

Express or indicate the quantity of a noun or pronoun.
Such as some, little, much, enough, whole, sufficient, all, none, more, half, no etc.

- I have enough money to but he car.
- The whole countrymen congratulate the president.
- She wants all the money.

Adjective of quantity answer the question: How many or much?

iii. Numeric or Adjective of number:

Express the number or order of something or someone. Such as one, two, three, ………., first, second, third, ……………, single, double, triple, quadruple, twofold, threefold, fivefold, ………… etc.

- He can eat ten eggs at a time.
- She is the first girl in the class.
- The house owner does not rent the room to the single person.

Adjective of number is to types Definite and Indefinite.

Definite Numeric adjectives are of three kinds.
Such as
- Cardinal (one, two, ….),
- Ordinal (first, second, ……),
- Multiplicative (Single, double, ……..)

iv. Demonstrative Adjective:

Specify the nouns or pronouns. Such as this, that, those, these etc.

- This boy is good.
- That is her room.
- These are the book to follow.

v. Distributive Adjective:

Express the distributive state of nouns. Such as every, each, neither, either, both etc.

- Every movie in the series is popular.
- Both the boys are appreciated by them.
- Each person will get the reward.

vi. Possessive Adjective:

Shows the possession or belongingness in the sentence. Such as his, her, him, my, our, your, their etc.

- This is her cell phone.
- I have seen their house.
- Our house is tow stored house.

vii. Interrogative Adjective:

Interrogative Adjective modifies nouns in interrogative sentence. Such as which, what, whose etc.

- What kind of man he is?
- Whose phone is this?
- Which program are you listening?