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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Overview (Summary)

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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Summary

FIFA World Cup is the Biggest Tournament in the World hosted every four years. Overview of this tournament are given here.

General Overview

Football Association : FIFA - Fédération Internationale de Football Association (English: International Federation of Association Football) )

Official Website: www.fifa.com

Tournament No.: 20th FIFA World Cup Tournament.

Host Country: Brazil (2nd time hosted, first Hosted: 1950)

Officially elected as host: 30 October 2007

Duration of the Tournament: 12 June, 2014 – 13 July, 2014 (1 Month)

Venue(s): 12 Venues (in 12 host cities)

Total Teams: 32 Teams participating the tournament.

Total Matches will be played: 64 Matches.

Previous Champions:
Brazil – 5 times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)
Argentina- 2 Times (1978, 1986)
England- 1 Time (1966)
France- 1 Time (1998)
Germany- 3 Times (1954, 1974, 1990)
Italy- 4 Times (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)
Spain- 1 Time (2010)
Uruguay- 2 Times ( 1930, 1950).

Last Champions: Spain.

Players in team's squad: 23 players (three of whom must be goalkeepers)

Referees: 25 referee trios and eight support duos representing 43 different countries.

Prize Money

The total prize money: US$576 million

Preparation costs for Each Team: US$1.5 million.

Once at the tournament, the prize money will be distributed as follows:
US$8 million – To each team eliminated at the group stage (16 teams)
US$9 million – To each team eliminated in the round of 16 (8 teams)
US$14 million – To each team eliminated in the quarter-finals (4 teams)
US$20 million – Fourth placed team
US$22 million – Third placed team
US$25 million – Runner up
US$35 million – Winner


Golden Ball- For Best Player ( On basis of votes)

Golden Boot – Top Goal Scorer.

Golden Glove – Best Goalkeeper.

Best Young Player - Selected by the FIFA Technical Study Group.

FIFA Fair Play Trophy- For the team with the best record of fair play.

Most Entertaining Team - Determined by a poll of the general public

FIFA Official Ball

Name: Adidas Brazuca ( Selected on Sunday 2 September 2012, with over one million Brazilian football fans voting where 77.8% vote for this name )

Meaning of the name: "National pride in the Brazilian way of life", and "mirroring their approach to football, it symbolises emotion, pride and goodwill to all".

Company: Adidas.

Production: The ball is produced in Sialkot, Pakistan by Forward Sports and in China.

Developing Time: 2 Years

Price: $160

Materials: 100% polyurethane

Size: 27 - 27.4" (FIFA Approved)

Weight: 437 grams

Follow this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adidas_Brazuca link to check more.

Final Match

Final Match: 13 July 2014, Estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro

New in Final Match: Will be Used a Technology Called Goal-line Technology. An Electronic device to determine when the ball has completely crossed the goal line.

Top’s Statistics

Top 5 Teams:
1. Brazil
2. Spain
3. Germany
4. Argentina
5. Portugal

Top 5 Players:
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
2. Lionel Messi (Argentina)
3. Neymar (Brazil)
4. Andres Iniesta (Spain)
5. Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast)

Top 5 Matches (1st Round):
1. Brazil v Croatia (6/12):
2. Germany v USA (6/28):
3. Uruguay v England (6/19):
4. USA vs Ghana (6/16)
5. Spain v Netherlands (6/13)

The Mascot

The Mascot: Fuleco (An Armadillo Animal) the part 'Ful' comes from Futebol (Football) and 'eco' comes Ecologia (Ecology) . Fuleco is seen as a cheerful and appealing personality.


Logo Name: Inspiration

Logo Representation: 3 hands holding the World Cup celebrating the unity the World Cup will bring to the world


Slogan: "All in One Rhythm".

Represents: Brazilian culture where rhythm is everywhere.


Total Groups: 8 groups( A, B, C, D, E.....)

Group A:
Brazil,     Croatia,      Mexico,      Cameroon

Group B;
Spain,      Netherlands,      Chile,      Australia

Group C:
Colombia,      Greece,      Ivory Coast,      Japan

Group D:
Uruguay,      Costa Rica,      England,      Italy

Group E:
Switzerland,      Ecuador,      France,      Honduras

Group F:
Argentina,       Bosnia and Herzegovina,      Iran,      Nigeria

Group G:
Germany,       Portugal,      Ghana,      United States

Group H:
Belgium,      Algeria,      Russia,      South Korea