"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Some vs Somewhat

Some (কিছু):

Some হলো indefinite numeral adjective এবং এটি noun এবং pronoun–কে qualify করে।

Some is indefinite numeral adjective. The definition of some is an unknown or unspecified number of people or things. Some used as a pronoun is to replace a name or quantity.


  • Some friends of him were there. (Somewhat নয়)
  • Some people came into the room.
  • Would you like some sugar?
  • She has been directing films for some years now.
  • He likes some modern sculpture but not all.


Somewhat (কিছুটা):

Somewhat হলো adverb, যা adjective এবং adverb –কে modify করে।

Somewhat means to some extent.


  • The patient is somewhat better today. (Some নয়)
  • He is somewhat hungry.
  • The news was somewhat of a surprise.
  • He smiled and looked somewhat relieved.
  • A bottle of wine, looking somewhat apologetic.
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