"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Derisive Vs Derisory


Derisive শব্দটি একটি adjective.

Meaning as an adjective:

উপহাস বা অবজ্ঞা প্রদর্শন।

Showing ridicule or contempt.


  • Aric received a letter containing derisive words. (এরিক উপহাস বা অবজ্ঞাসূচক শব্দ সম্বলিত একটি চিঠি পেয়েছিলো।)
  • The girl gave a derisive look at Jim.
  • Alex’s behavior was so derisive that everyone was shocked.
  • Why did you behave in such a derisive way?
  • The man made a derisive comment on your ad.
  • Rocky laughed in a derisive way.
  • Why are you making such a derisive comment on it?



Derisory শব্দটিও একটি adjective.

Meaning as an adjective:

হাস্যকরভাবে অপর্যাপ্ত বা কম।

Ridiculously inadequate or small.


  • John gave a derisory amount of money to the poor man. (জন গরীব লোকটিকে একটি হাস্যকর রকমের কম টাকা দিলো।)
  • The employees are not happy with this derisory pay increase.
  • Why are you giving this derisory donation?
  • The regular customer of the shop was not happy with the derisory discount.
  • Nothing can be done with this derisory amount.
  • Everyone was angry to see the derisory donation from the rich man.
  • I don’t want this derisive discount from you.




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