"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Confident Vs Confidant


Confident শব্দটি একটি adjective.

Meaning as an adjective:

আস্থাশীল বা আত্মবিশ্বাসী বা সুনিশ্চিত।

Trusting or self-assured or sure.


  • I am confident that I can perform well. (আমি আত্মবিশ্বাসী যে আমি ভাল কৃতিত্ব দেখাতে পারবো।)
  • Are you confident that you saw her? (তুমি কি নিশ্চিত যে তুমি তাকে দেখেছিলে?)
  • You have to be confident to attain your objective.
  • Jack was not confident enough to do the stage performance.
  • The headmaster was confident about the good result of the students of his school.
  • They are confident about the bright future of the company.



Confidant শব্দটি একটি noun.

Meaning as a noun:

একজন ব্যক্তি যার কাছে গোপনীয় বিষয়গুলো বা তথ্যগুলো গোপনেই থাকে, অর্থাৎ একজন বিশ্বাসী বন্ধু।

A person in whom secrets are confided, i.e. a trusted friend.


  • Mary is a very close confidant of Nancy. (ম্যারী, ন্যান্সির একটা খুব কাছের বিশ্বাসী বন্ধু।)
  • None can have a confidant like you.
  • Jeff was missing so much his confidant Jim.
  • You should share this secret with a confidant.
  • None can disbelieve a confidant like you.
  • Do you have any confidant to share this secret?



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