"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Miscellaneous Examples of Incorrect Omissions

Half a/an

Incorrect: Aric drank half glass of milk.

Correct: Aric drank half a glass of milk.

Note: অনুরূপভাবে, half an hour, half a day, half a mile ব্যবহৃত হয়।


A half

Incorrect: I spent three hours and half there.

Correct: I spent three hours and a half there. / I spent three and a half hours there.

Incorrect: Sahil bought two kilos and half of rice.

Correct: Sahil bought two kilos and a half of rice. / Sahil bought two and a half kilos of rice.


A/One hundred, thousand etc.

Incorrect: Hundred years, make a century.

Correct: A hundred years make a century. / One hundred years make a century.


Possessives for comparison

Incorrect: Lisa’s dress is different from Lira.

Correct: Lisa’s dress is different from Lira’s.


Determiner+ singular countable noun

Incorrect: The student had no money to buy book.

Correct: The student had no money to buy a book.

Note: Singular countable noun-এর পূর্বে অবশ্যই Determiner বসবে। এরকম কিছু determiner হলো a, an, the, this, that, each, every, no প্রভৃতি।


Partitive+ uncountable noun

Incorrect: Afrin gave her an advice.

Correct: Afrin gave her a piece of advice.

Note: Uncountable noun-এর পূর্বে a, an, one প্রভৃতি বসে না; বরং partitive (a piece of, a pair of) বসে।


Be born

Incorrect: Luis born in 1988.

Correct: Luis was born in 1988.

Note: Born হলো bear verb-টির Past Participle form যা শুধু Passive voice-এ বসে আর তখন এর আগে অবশ্যই be verb বসে।


Make a noise (not make noise)

Incorrect: The children were making noise.

Correct: The children were making a noise.

Note: Noise countable, uncountable দুটোই হতে পারে। Countable হিসেবে এটি singular, plural হতে পারে। Singular হলে এর আগে অবশ্যই Article বসবে। যেমন: Don’t make a noise. Or There was so much noise in the concert.

Make as noise-এর মতো আরো কতকগুলো expression হলো: Make a mistake, make a fortune, make a will, make an impression, make an experiment, make an attempt.


The English (as a nation)

Incorrect: English will not pronounce this word like this.

Correct: The English will not pronounce this word like this.

Note: জাতির নামের পূর্বে অবশ্যই Definite article “the” বসবে।


The violin, the piano etc.

Incorrect: John is playing violin.

Correct: John is playing the violin.

Note: Musical instrument বাজানোর কথা বললে তার আগে the বসে। বাজানোর কথা উল্লেখ না থাকলে the বসে না। যেমন: Jimmy bought a piano and a violin.


Do (auxiliary) + do (main verb)

Incorrect: Do you your homework attentively?

Correct: Do you do your homework attentively?

Note: সঠিক বাক্যে প্রথম ‘do’ হলো auxiliary verb যার নিজস্ব কোনো অর্থ নেই এবং শুধু Question করার জন্য বসেছে। আর দ্বিতীয় do হলো Main verb যার অর্থ হলো সম্পাদন করা।


On + date

Incorrect: Jack was born the 7th of July.

Correct: Jack was born on the 7th of July.

Note: Time of action নির্দেশনাকারী Noun বা Noun phrase-এর আগে Preposition বসে। তবে Time of action নির্দেশকারী নিম্নোক্ত Expression-গুলোর আগে কোনো Preposition বসে না।

Alex went there last year.

We shall visit the place next year.

Sam will be a writer someday.

Riya can be here any day.

Please come this afternoon.


Introductory ‘there’+ verb

Incorrect: Once lived a great king.

Correct: Once there lived a great king.

Note: Subje-এর আগে verb আছে এ ধরনের বাক্যে subject-কে introduce করতে verb-এর আগে introductory there বসাতে হয়।


Know how to play (not know to play)

Incorrect: Rita knows to play the guitar.

Correct: Rita knows how to play the guitar.

Note: Know verb-টির পরে যদি কোনো infinitive বসানো হয় তাহলে তার আগে অবশ্যই adverb how বসবে।


Anybody/anything else

Incorrect: Abid is taller than anybody.

Correct: Abid is taller than anybody else.

Incorrect: This book is better than anything.

Correct: This book is better than anything else.

Note: একজন ব্যক্তি বা একটি বস্তুর সাথে সেই শ্রেণীর সব ব্যক্তি বা বস্তুর তুলনা বোঝাতে anybody বা anything-এর পর else বসে।


Only one/ones

Incorrect: This gown is the only that Shina likes.

Correct: This gown is the only one that Shina likes.

Incorrect: These are the only one that Mary likes.

Correct: These are the only ones that Mary likes.

Note: পূর্বোল্লিখিত Noun-কে নির্দেশ করতে only-এর পরে demonstrative pronoun ‘one’ (plural-এ ones) বসে।





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