"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

More Idioms Where "As" is Used in Comparing

As gentle as a lamb

খুব শান্ত (very calm)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Jimmy tries to remain as gentle as a lamb in every situation. (জিমি প্রত্যেক পরিস্থিতিতেই খুব শান্ত থাকতে চেষ্টা করে।)
  • How can you remain as gentle as a lamb after listening to it?


As good as gold

খুব ভালো (very good)

Examples in Sentences:

  • You cannot suspect Tom because he is as good as gold. (তুমি টমকে সন্দেহ করতে পার না কারণ সে খুব ভালো।)
  • These mangoes are as good as gold.


As heavy as lead

খুব ভারী (so heavy)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The suitcase was as heavy as lead. (স্যুটকেসটি খুব ভারী ছিলো।)
  • I cannot carry this box because it is as heavy as lead.


As keen as mustard

অতি উৎসাহী (very eager)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The audience was as keen as mustard to listen to the song of their favorite singer. (শ্রোতারা তাদের প্রিয় শিল্পীর গান শোনার জন্য খুব উৎসাহী ছিলো।)
  • The fans were as keen as mustard to meet the superstar.


As light as a feather

খুব হালকা (very light)

Examples in Sentences:

  • I like this sari because it is as light as a feather. (আমি এই শাড়ীটি পছন্দ করি কারণ এটা খুব হালকা।)
  • You can buy this bag because it is as light as a feather.


As miserable as sin

খুব হতাশাগ্রস্থ বা অসুখী (very depressed or unhappy)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Jeff was as miserable as sin after losing his father. (জেফ তার বাবাকে হারানোর পর খুব হতাশাগ্রস্থ ছিলো।)
  • He became as miserable as sin after hearing the bad news.


As pleased as punch

খুব আনন্দিত (to be glad)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Atif was as pleased as punch after becoming a doctor.
  • Sara was as pleased as punch after receiving the first prize.


As red as a beetroot

বিব্রতকর পরিস্থিতিতে বা লজ্জায় মুখ লাল হয়ে যাওয়া (blushing due to shame or embarrassment)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The man was so embarrassed that he became as red as a beetroot. (লোকটি এত বিব্রত হলো যে তার মুখ লাল হয়ে গেলো।)
  • Everyone was joking with the bride and she became as red as a beetroot
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