"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Idioms Starting with "Come"

Come about

ঘটা (to happen)

Examples in Sentences:

  • How did this come about? (এটা কিভাবে ঘটলো?)
  • This proposal for the project came about suddenly.


Come across

দেখা পাওয়া (to get sight of)

Examples in Sentences:

  • I came across my old friend at the fair yesterday. (আমি মেলায় গতকাল আমার পুরনো বন্ধুর দেখা পেয়েছিলাম।)
  • How did you come across him?


Come and go

পরিবর্তন হওয়া (change)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Fashions always come and go. (ফ্যাশান সবসময় পরিবর্তন হয়।)
  • Why do your decisions come and go?


Come around to

মত পরিবর্তন করতে শুরু (to change one’s position)

Examples in Sentences:

  • I will certainly make him come around to my position. (আমি অবশ্যই তাকে আমার অবস্থানে আনবো।)
  • I knew that you would come around to my side eventually.


Come by

পাওয়া (to get)

Examples in Sentences:

  • How did you come by this book? (তুমি এই বইটি কিভাবে পেলে?)
  • I came by this pendrive on the table.


Come down with

অসুস্থ হওয়া (become ill with)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Alex came down with cold and fever. (এ্যালেক্স ঠান্ডা এবং জ্বরে অসুস্থ হয়েছিলো।)
  • Liza came down with typhoid.


Come full circle

আগের অবস্থায় ফিরে যাওয়া (to return to the former position)

Examples in Sentences:

  • We are happy that everything has come full circle. (আমরা সুখী যে, সবকিছু আগের অবস্থায় ফিরে গিয়েছে।)
  • The employers’ power was reduced by the unions at one point, but the wheel has come full circle again.


Come in handy

কাজে লাগা (be useful)

Examples in Sentences:

  • This pan may come in handy in your cooking. (এই কড়াইটি তোমার রান্নার কাজে লাগতে পারে।)
  • These scissors may come in handy in your sewing.


Come into contact

সংস্পর্শে আসা (to come in touch with, to have a connection with)

Examples in Sentences:

  • I came into contact with him while working there. (আমি সেখানে কাজ করার সময় তার সংস্পর্শে এসেছিলাম।)
  • Jim came into contact with that person while doing the project.


Come into fashion

জনপ্রিয় হওয়া (becoming popular)

Examples in Sentences:

  • This sari has come into fashion again. (এই শাড়ীটি আবার জনপ্রিয় হয়েছে।)
  • This type of jeans has come into fashion again.


Come into force

কার্যকরী হওয়া (to be effective)

Examples in Sentences:

  • This law will come into force from the month of June. (জুন মাস থেকে এই আইনটি কার্যকর হবে।)
  • This rule will come into force soon.


Come off with flying colors

জয়ী হওয়া (to win)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Our team came off with flying colors from the tournament. (আমাদের দল টুর্নামেন্ট থেকে জয়ী হয়ে আসলো।)
  • I don’t think that your team will come off with flying colors.


Come short of

কম পড়া (to fall short, to be inadequate)

Examples in Sentences:

  • His profit came short of his expectations. (তার প্রত্যাশার থেকে তার লাভ কম হয়েছিলো।)
  • Suddenly the food came short of our stock.


Come to a halt

থেমে যাওয়া (to be at a standstill)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The bus came to a halt when it reached the stoppage. (বাসটা স্টপেজে পৌঁছানের পর থেমে গেলো।)
  • The car became out of order and came to a halt.


Come to a head

চরম অবস্থায় পৌঁছানো (reaching a critical stage)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The misunderstanding between them has come to a head. (তাদের মধ্যেকার ভুল বোঝাবুঝি চরম অবস্থায় পৌঁছেছে।)
  • The quarrel between the two families came to a head.


Come to a standstill

থেমে যাওয়া (to be motionless, to stop)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Suddenly the jeep came to a standstill. (হঠাৎ জীপটা থেমে গেলো।)
  • The car got out of order and came to a standstill.


Come to an end

অব্সান (to come to a conclusion)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Our vacation came to an end. (আমাদের ছুটির অবসান হলো।)
  • At last the misunderstanding between the two families came to an end.


Come to life

জ্ঞান ফিরে পাওয়া (to regain one’s sense)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The patient who had been in a coma has come to life. (কোমায় থাকা রোগীটি জ্ঞান ফিরে পেয়েছেন।)
  • At last the critical patient came to life with Allah’s mercy and doctors’ efforts.


Come to light

প্রকাশ হয়ে যাওয়া (to become public)

Examples in Sentences:

  • At last, the truth came to light. (অবশেষে সত্য প্রকাশিত হলো।)
  • The man was very anxious that his secrets may come to light.


Come to nothing

নিষ্ফল হওয়া, ব্যর্থ হওয়া (to be ineffectual)

Examples in Sentences:

  • All his efforts came to nothing. (তার সব প্রচেষ্টা ব্যর্থ হলো।)
  • All his attempt to slow down the speedy car came to nothing.


Come to oneself

আত্মনিয়ন্ত্রণ ফিরে পাওয়া (regain self-control)

Examples in Sentences:

  • Richard came to himself with the arrival of his father. (রিচার্ড তার বাবার আগমনের সাথে আত্মনিয়ন্ত্রণ ফিরে পেলো।)
  • As soon as his mother slapped him, Aric came to himself.


Come to pass

ঘটা (happen)

Examples in Sentences:

  • How did the matter come to pass? (কিভাবে ব্যাপারটা ঘটলো?)
  • The problem came to pass after the arrival of James.


Come to terms

আপস করা, চুক্তি করা (to yield, to come into an agreement)

Examples in Sentences:

  • He was compelled to come to terms with the enemy. (সে শত্রুর সাথে আপস করতে বাধ্য হয়েছিলো।)
  • Are you thinking of trying to come to terms with him?


Come up with

কোন ধারণা সম্পর্কে চিন্তা করা (think of an idea)

Examples in Sentences:

  • At last, Lisa came up with a new idea. (অবশেষে, লিসা একটা নতুন ধারণা সম্পর্কে চিন্তা করলো।)
  • The company is expecting that you will come up with an interesting idea.


Come round

আরোগ্য লাভ (to cure, heal)

Examples in Sentences:

  • The patient has come round. (রোগী আরোগ্য লাভ করেছে।)
  • I hope you will come round


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