"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Very vs Too

Very/ adverb /(খুব)

Adjective এবং Adverb –কে জোর দিয়ে বোঝানোর জন্য very বসে।

Very emphasizes the degree of adjectives and adverbs. 


  • Honey is very sweet. (Too নয়)
  • He is very foolish.
  • Jara’s personality is very strong.
  • The girl is very beautiful.
  • Rahat is very clever boy.


Too/ adverb /(অত্যধিক)

কোনোকিছুর জন্য কোন নির্দিষ্ট পরিমান বা মাত্রার চেয়ে অধিকতর বেশি বা কম বোঝাতে too বসে।

Too defined as ‘to a high degree or extent’ particularly for someone or something.


  • The hut is too small for me. (‘for me’ আসার কারণে এখানে very বসবে না)
  • The offer was too good to refuse.
  • This shirt is way too big for me.
  • She is much too young to be watching this movie.
  • You gave me too many cards.
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