"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Late vs Lately

Late / adverb/adjective /(বিলম্ব):

বিলম্বিত কোনোকিছু বোঝাতে late বসে।

Late refers to coming or remaining after the due, usual, or proper time.


  • Today you have come late. (Lately নয়)
  • It happened in late spring. (এখানে late, adjective)
  • Hurry up or we'll be late for school.
  • Their warning was too late to help him.


Lately / adverb/ (সম্প্রতি):

সম্প্রতিকালের কোনো কিছু বোঝাতে lately বসে।

Lately means the recent period of time. It usually takes a Present Perfect Tense.


  • She has come from London lately. (Late নয়)
  • Hasan has been feeling better lately.
  • Lately, she has been worrying about her son.
  • Jara hasn't been looking well lately.
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