"I was reading the dictionary. I thought
it was a poem about everything."
                     --Steven Wright

Appropriate Preposition:

  • Escape from ( পলায়ন করা ) The prisoner escaped from the jail.
  • Engaged in ( নিযুক্ত (কাজে) ) I was engaged with him in talk.
  • Engaged with ( নিযুক্ত (ব্যক্তি) ) I was engaged with him in talk.
  • Overcome by ( দমন করা ) He was overcome by anger.
  • Argue with ( যূক্তি দেখানো (ব্যক্তি) ) I argued with him for the point.
  • Weak of ( দূর্বল ) He is weak of understanding.


  • Get rid of ( মুক্তি পাওয়া ) Try to get rid of that rogue.
  • In cold blood ( ঠান্ডা মাথায় ) They committed this murder in cold blood.
  • Read between the lines ( তাৎপর্য বোঝা ) Try to read between the lines of the letter.
  • End in smoke ( ব্যর্থ হওয়া ) All his plans ended in smoke.
  • Out of order ( বিকল ) This car is out of order.
  • Book worm ( গ্রন্থকীট ) Don't be a book worm.

Bangla to English Expressions (Translations):

  • He said to himself - সে মনে-মনে বলল
  • Do not go about aimlessly like a vagabond - টো-টো করে বেড়িও না
  • How is everything going on? - দিন কাল কেমন যাচ্ছে?
  • See me if you can - পার তো একবার দেখা কর
  • Help yourself, please - আপনি নিজে নিন
  • Who are in the house? - বাড়িতে কে কে আছে?